Hanna Culbertson


Hanna Culbertson is a Clinical Social Work Associate with 4 years of Clinical Social Work Practice, and 10 years in the fields of education and mental health. Hanna's training and area of interest is in helping individuals heal from Trauma. Hanna received her Masters in Social Work from Portland State University and has received training since in EMDR, Brainspotting, and Ego State Interventions. She enjoys assisting individuals in befriending all parts of themselves, building a embodied sense of self compassion and tools to manage distress, and ultimately healing from past experiences that are holding them back or troubling them in the present. Hanna believes in the social work principles of autonomy and self determination, and believes that ultimately people have the strengths and solutions inside of them to solve their own challenges; she endeavors to provide an emotionally safe therapeutic space for individuals to discover them. Hanna has experience and expertise working with individuals struggling with challenges around Social or Generalized Anxiety, Depression, Post Traumatic Stress, past experiences of trauma in childhood, codependency, perfectionism, grief and loss, life transitions and stresses. She has experience and competency working with college students of all ages and healers working in the helping field, recovering from vicarious trauma. Hanna enjoys working across differences and is an ally for LGBTQ and BIPOC communities' or any community that has experienced trauma based on identity. She welcomes discussions around individual and societal trauma and sees therapy as a sacred space where individuals can reflect, connect with themselves and find ways to navigate and thrive within this beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking life all humans are gifted with.